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ECO-5 Lamp

How it Works

The conventional low cost PLC lamp is commonly use as down-light in shopping malls, hotels, residential apartments and lift lobbies. It is lighted up with a built-in Starter and Magnetic Ballast. Much of the power goes to waste, heating the Magnetic Ballast due to poor power regulation and low Power Factor.

ECO-5 PLC Spiral lamp has advanced integral high frequency electronic control gear with new high efficiency fluorescent tubes that reduces energy consumption by up to 50% whilst maintaining light brightness. In addition, tube life is extended… reducing replacement frequency saving labour cost.

Lamp upgrade is easy. Simply unplug your existing PLC lamp and replace with ECO-5 PLC Spiral lamp to enjoy immediate energy saving. There is no need to rewire or remove existing Magnetic Ballast.

Just Plug-In and Start Saving!

-    Dramatic Cost Savings … 50% is possible
-    Flicker Free Instant Light
-    Quiet Operation, No Humming Noise
-    Direct Replacement
-    Use Existing Down-light Fitting
-    Low Initial Cost
-    Halved Maintenance Demands
-    Extended Lamp Life
-    High Investment Return
-    No Wiring Cost, No Need to Remove Existing Magnetic Ballast

ECO-5 PLC comparison Chart

    The figures in the chart are for illustration purposes. Please contact us for detail power saving calculation.

These results are achieved in addition to increased lamp life,
reduced circuit power losses and less demand on air conditioning
due to lower heat output.


    Please send us an email
if you wish to request for product datasheets,
comparison charts and information.

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